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After detailed analysis of your business requirements we can provide you a custom, highly scalable software solution that will digitalize, automate and advance your business processes. Using the latest technologies, AI and machine learning technologies we will give you a solution that can be a game changer.

Digitizing your company

We provide custom software development for comprehensive solutions for every business objective. We can create a digital solution that will put you over competition or just solve business processes within the company. Companies can be a little sceptic about digitizing, but in today’s world innovation and constant progress is a way to go.

What you get

After a careful analysis of your business processes, we can offer you solutions completely tailored to you. Our advanced technological solutions will improve your business, have a positive impact on your business and increase your competitiveness in the market. The work will be faster and more efficient, with better access to key information and data, significant time savings and lower costs. The application of such solutions in business will ultimately have a positive effect on your competitiveness in the market.

What we use

Every project is unique, with its own goal. Every project is specific and because we don’t use templates but we build projects from scratch. We analyze your wishes and needs and we offer custom tailored solutions. If you need smart solutions using AI or advanced machine learning algorithms, we can implement it in our digital solution.

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How we do it

Simplify app development


Every project development has to start with defined business requirements and goals. Usually some email and document exchanges are crucial to us to get more detailed understanding of the project and to create a proper and realistic offer. Once we both agree to the terms, both parties sign the contract.

Planning & prototype

At the second stage, we create mockups and elaborate on them based on feedback. We get a final design with technical specification and required tools to finish project on agreed milestones.


We start the development process, frontend and/or backend development. Keeping the transparency, you have access to development tools and kept up to date with the development process. Of course, you will be getting periodical updates delivered depending on the specific project.


Before product deployment, we do detailed QA to make sure that there are no production mistakes and to deliver products with stunning quality. Publishing project and tracking the user feedback.


Development also consists of setting up monitoring tools that can be very handy in the last phase. Last phase also consists of our support, maintenance and development of new feature.

What we do

Other services


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Using the latest technologies with thoughtful design we can build you a tailored solution that will contribute to the professionalism of your business and confidence with your clients. Whether you need a simple website, web shop or an enterprise solution, we can make it happen.

Web shops

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You are thinking about opening your own web shop? You are on the right spot because we offer great solutions tailored to your needs. If you simply love Wordpress or you are open to a great solution with Magento platform we can help you with that. We will make sure that your customers fill their baskets with satisfaction.

Mobile applications

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Leveraging latest technologies we are developing high-end applications that work perfectly on every mobile and tablet device. We can produce faster development with scalable architecture and enterprise-level quality that will enhance your business.

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Nordit - software development