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Using the latest technologies with thoughtful design we can build you a tailored solution that will contribute to the professionalism of your business and confidence with your clients. Whether you need a simple website, web shop or an enterprise solution, we can make it happen.

Web shops

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You are thinking about opening your own web shop? You are on the right spot because we offer great solutions tailored to your needs. If you simply love Wordpress or you are open to a great solution with Magento platform we can help you with that. We will make sure that your customers fill their baskets with satisfaction.

Mobile applications

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Leveraging latest technologies we are developing high-end applications that work perfectly on every mobile and tablet device. We can produce faster development with scalable architecture and enterprise-level quality that will enhance your business.

Custom software

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After detailed analysis of your business requirements we can provide you a custom, highly scalable software solution that will digitalize, automate and advance your business processes. Using the latest technologies, AI and machine learning technologies we will give you a solution that can be a game changer.

Who are we


Focusing on the things that matter, we most value relationships with our clients and partners. Everything is about utilizing technology and improving your business through great digital solutions. Using cutting-edge technologies we will partner with you to make a measurable impact.

Nordit - software developmentNordit - software developmentNordit - software developmentNordit - software developmentNordit - software developmentNordit - software developmentNordit - software development
Nordit - software development

Honesty and transparency

Honesty and transparency is a basic of any good and stable relationship. This two are on top of our standards, either between ourselves or in our relationships with our clients. Working with us, you will be included in every step of product development.

Nordit - software development

Our expertise

Except years of experience in the field, our expertise lies in selecting proper cutting-edge technologies based on analysis of your needs. We use advance frameworks to quickly deliver high quality apps.

Nordit - software development

Empower others

We think that to empower others to be a better version of themselves is one of the best virtues to have. You have an idea to create a product, we empower you to achieve that and even more.

Nordit - software development


Innovation is key in everything in this modern time. We try to think differently and look at problems from a solving perspective. Using advanced technology we solve your problems and always adding value to the project.

Nordit - software development

Our passion

When a customer "presents a problem" to us, we simply love that. Problem solving through applications, with high quality code is passion for us. Poor quality code is one of the biggest pain points in today's world, and we have a great passion to overcome that.

Nordit - software development

Cutting-edge technology

In the IT world, you have to go in time with new technologies more than in any field. As an example, at the start a lot of developers thought Facebook's React Native would never come to life, we accepted it and now it is standard for hybrid mobile apps. Here we simply love React and React Native!

React Native
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Nordit - software development