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Nordit - software development - Advantages of React Native

Advantages of React Native

28. July 2020.

In today’s technological age when everybody is constantly on the move, mobile devices and mobile apps are a perfect tool to attract new users and to improve your business. It’s the right time to start utilizing the mobile market. You just have to choose proper technology for your development and React Native is a right way to go!

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Nordit - software development - Why performance matters? How to improve it?

Why performance matters? How to improve it?

30. June 2020.

Your website can have stunning design, great content and offer excellent products or services, but all of that is a waste if your website performance is poor. You have to take in calculation all of that, even other factors like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but the most important factor are your website performance and performance testing tools that determine if you are just better than your competitors.

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